I am a solutions developer with a passion for the user experience

Featured Websites

Tranquil Reader – A book blogging website, releasing regular book reviews and book related posts
Bekker Equestrian Academy – An informational website for a stable yard in Pretoria
Victim Support Centre Middelburg – An informational website for a small, non-profit organisation that strives to help victims of crime and violence situated in and around South Africa
South African Agricultural and Other Investments Society – An informational website for a society that is dedicated to the advancement and protection of South Africans
Vivid Style Truck and Plant Hire – An informational website for a business offering transportation and construction services in and around Nigel, Gauteng

Professional Summary

My Experience

I am an efficient and experienced remote worker. I have overseen the design, development, deployment and maintenance of websites since 2015.

Most of my development experience lies in the front end, but I also know my way around the back end.

My Skills

My technical specialty involves designing the user interface, while I love improving the user experience.

My strongest skills are HTML, CSS and Twitter Bootstrap (check out my LinkedIn CV if you want to know my other skills).

I work best remotely, which is why I am looking for 100% remote work opportunities.

My Traits

I am a sensitive, open-minded, methodical, honest perfectionist. I strive to see the bigger picture while focusing on what I do best.

I value integrity, research, diligence, good organisation and proper communication.

I am open to part/full-time and temporary/permanent positions. I would like to be a part of a team where I can uphold my values and exercise my skills and passions.

About Me

I am a web specialist with some IT training and Windows app development experience. I have been observing the web for over 10 years. In 2015, I started contributing to the web with my technical skills and knowledge.

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